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Pakistan is such a country where waves come and become part of our daily life. Media is an example of it. In a very short period of time many private news channels came into being and still coming more and more. Media has changed our whole lives, our thinking style, our living style and even our thoughts about our Country. Media has made common people so aware that people now like to discuss the issues of national level — The issues of international relations as well. Pakistani News Channels cover, report and broadcast issues of very minor scope now a days. On the other hand celebrities of National Level are very much focused; every single comment of leadership is reported and discussed with full energy in Prime Time Shows e.g Pakistani Talk Shows. This level of information is not good for a society like us, but media has no concern with the effect of his reporting, the good or bad.

A few years back there was no challenge to media claims, nation was bound to accept whatever the media was speaking, but luckily, there is a counter attack available in the form of Social Media. Although Social media is not covering remote areas of the country even then it is influencing the thoughts and living of people. Public opinion depends on Social Media also.

In a nutshell, Media is too much involved in our daily life which is not good.

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